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Display barrel with split lid closed  DWB-34                         with lid opened

Our genuine wine barrel display is manufactured from recycled French or American oak wood barrels.  The convenient split cedar wood lid is ideal to keep dirt away.

We suggest using them in hospitality facilities or retail stores for display or for show events.

Key Features

  • Genuinely used wine barrels provide great display.

  • Split lid for convenient opening and closure.

  • Different sizes including full barrel at 59 gallons, 3/4 barrel at 40 gallons, and half barrel at 30 gallons.

  • Stainless hinges.

  • All fasteners used are stainless steel for rust proof.

Pricing & Purchase







Full display barrel, with split lid

$168.32 + shipping

26"W x 34"H


3/4 Display barrel, with split lid

$146.12 + shipping

26"W x 27"H


1/2  Display barrel, with split lid

$134.61 + shipping

26"W x 17"H


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