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BRD-2, 1/2" diameter bamboo dowel, yellow color       

Bamboo dowels are stronger than hardwood at only half of the cost.  They are more flexible, and are an ecologically sustainable material.  Use them to replace your hardwood dowels! They are milled from natural bamboo, the color are mostly off white or yellow and can be in variation of color shade.

 They can be stained or put any type of finsih coating.

The natural bamboo dowel BRD series comes in sizes from 1/2",  1/4", 3/8" in  diameter,  and the length is 36". Custom sizes are available. If you are looking for a larger diameter bamboo dowel or rod, we do supply bamboo rods up to 2".

Large volume with custom sizes are available upon request.

Key Benefits

  • Ecologically sustainable material. 

  • Stronger and lighter than most hardwood materials and have more flexibility.

  • Use them to replace hardwood dowels at a substantially lower cost.

  • Different sizes to choose from.

  • Solid core.

  • Can be finished with stain or lacquer.

  • custom size available upon request.

Pricing & Purchase







Natural Bamboo Dowel, 8/pack,

$5.22 +shipping

 1/4"D x 36"L

out of stock


Natural Bamboo Dowel, 4/pack,

$6.82 +shipping

 1/2"D x 48"L


Natural Bamboo Dowel, 4/pack,

$5.28 +shipping

 3/8"D x 48"L





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