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WBP-26P, Lacquer finished half barrel planter                                                         Regualar Half wine barrel planters with cedar wood bottom

All colors shown on the pictures may vary because these are made from used wine barrels, each one is different as we get them.

We turn used wine barrels into half barrels planter,  shallow barrel planter,  and the urn style  tall barrel planter with cedar wood bottom for your planting needs. General rules in selecting the right size container for your plants are that the container should be about twice the size of the root ball of the plants. Half barrels for standard size planting materials, shallow barrel planters are suitable for shallow rooted plants like color annuals and if you are planning to put a shrub or a small tree in the tub, you need to use the tall barrel planter. Barrel bowl planter is good for annual flower bowl.

You can set up a water garden by using our wine barrel water garden container. Using our water tight barrel planter as a water garden container eliminates the use of a plastic liner while retaining a natural look of a water garden.

You may also be interested in other styles such as the  wine barrel planter like the Split Barrel Planter and the Quarter Barrel Planter

      WBP-34, Urn Style Tall barrel planter                                             WBP-14 , Shallow Wine Barrel Planter, natural with no finish.

Dark walnut color tune barrel                                                                                    Picture from our happy customer with WBP-26P

Key Benefits

  • These are genuine wine barrels as oppose to those rusty whisky barrels sold  in large home centers. You could still see the red wine stain inside and smell the actual wine.

  • Rebuild cedar wood bottom with drain holes.

  • Made of oak wood and finished with outdoor protective sealing to prolong usage in the garden. The splitting lips of half barrels are sanded for a finished look and feel.

  • All our barrels are kept indoors, and the water tight barrels are kept in a special high humidity area that needs to be hydrated once a month to keep the barrels in a water tight condition.

  • Water tight barrels and planters eliminate the use of liner, allowing you to save money and retain the natural look of the containers.

Pricing & Purchase







Regular Half Wine Barrel  Planter with rebuild cedar wood bottom.

$75.28 + shipping,

26"W x 16"H


Lacquer finished Oak wood half Wine Barrel with rebuild cedar wood bottom.

$85.38 + shipping,

26"W x 16"H


Oak wood Shallow Wine Barrel with rebuild cedar wood bottom.

54.28 + shipping,

25"W x 9"H


Lacquer finished Oak wood Shallow Wine Barrel with rebuild cedar wood bottom.

$64.88 + shipping,

25"W x 9"H


Urn Style Tall Wine Barrel Planter with rebuild cedar wood bottom.

$148.79 + shipping

27"W x 26"H


Urn Style Lacquer finished Tall Wine Barrel Planter  with rebuild cedar wood bottom.

$162.68+ shipping

27"W x 26"H






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