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Wood poster frame on 2 sided easel, sell separately,                            WPF-10

These log wood poster frames goes with our log wood display easel stand , just slide the poster or  sign into the opening slot sideways between two layers of non- glaring acrylic covers, instantly making an attractive and natural looking presentation.

Three different sizes to choose from: large 24"W x 36"H, medium 22"W x 28"H, and  small 18"W x 24"H.  Viewable poster area runs one inch less in length and width (allowing for a 1/2" border around your poster).

Key Features

  • Cedar log wood for a rustic natural look.

  • Plantation cedar log wood harvested from second growth, otherwise would chip away.

  • Excellent lobbies, schools, retail stores, etc.

  • Frame up your poster or sign.

  • Hang on a wall or put them on our display easel stand.

Pricing & Purchase







Large Log wood poster frame

$65.38 + shipping

24"W x 36"H



Medium Log wood poster frame

$48.53 + shipping

22"W x 28"H



Small Log wood poster frame

$32.33 + shipping

18"W x 24"H



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