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Lacquer finished Mounted Barrel Head                                           Barrel Head  Bar WBB-14P with door opened

 Barrel Head  Bar WBB-14P with door closed

After the oak tannic has been extracted by the wine from the barrel, this oak wine barrel's head has been given new life as a wall decor or wall mounted bar. Hang them on your wall in your home or business, restaurants, or bars. Comes in natural or lacquer finish.

You can also add on a bell flower, vineyard, or rose decor. Our wall mounted barrel head mini bars are made with recycled oak wine barrels with Port Oxford cedar shelves. Includes brass hinges and finished with gloss lacquer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Key Features


These are genuinely used wine barrels as oppose to the  rusty whisky barrels sold in large home centers. You could still see the red wine stain inside and the smell of the wine.


Great recyclable products for your home or business.  Cut to 9"in depth, perfect for hanging on the wall or made into a wall mounted bar.


Beautiful old age wine color on the head with gloss lacquer finish for indoor use.

Pricing & Purchase





Wine barrel head, natural, weight 25 lbs

$75.22+ shipping



Wine barrel head, lacquer finish weight 25 lbs

$85.87 + shipping



Wine barrel head bar, lacquer finish  weight 40 lbs

$182.79 + shipping






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