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                   Bamboo Beaded Curtain                                    Off White Bamboo Curtain                               

Handcrafted Bamboo beaded curtain will bring a  new look for your home or business! These plain bamboo beaded curtain is made of first-quality of 90 strands of hanging bamboo beads'

You can tie it to the side, let it hang all the way down, put it in a doorway, use it to create the illusion of a separate area in one room, use it as a window curtain...the possibilities are endless. You can even hang two curtains next to each other for wider spaces. They are like wind chimes,  make beautiful rain like soothing sound as they are being move.

Each bamboo curtain is 36" x 79" with 90 strands attached to a wooden hanging bar. Can shorten the width to less than 36 inches if needed by simply cutting the wooden bar.

                 BBC-36B                                                                      BBC-36P                                                              BBC-36C

BBC-36A                                                                                BBC-36BC                                                                              BBC-36BB

BBC-36T                                                            BBC-36H

Key Features

  • Unpainted so the beaded curtain is the perfect neutral color of natural bamboo.

  • Easy set up, pre-built curtain sections.

  • The wooden hanger at the top completes this classy and natural look.

  • Bamboo curtain  promote the tropical feel in your home by allowing a constant flow of fresh air while keeping flies out.

Pricing & Purchase






Natural Beaded Bamboo curtain

$44.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Off Whitel Beaded Bamboo curtain

$46.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Bamboo Print  Beaded Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Tropical Parrot Print Beaded Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Sail Boat Print  Beaded Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Tree Print  Beaded Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Woody Car Print  Beaded Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Bamboo Plant  Print  Beaded Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Bamboo Harmony Dot Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H



Bamboo Chinese Calligraphy Print Beaded Bamboo curtain

$49.15 + shipping

     36"W x 78"H






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