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Willow fence
Pre fabricated non living willow edging            Living willow fencing

Creating a living willow structure is reasonably easy. The shoots, or withies are extremely bendy and flexible meaning that they can be used to create not only fences and arbors, but also any exciting shape that takes your fancy.

Willows prefer damp soil conditions, but once planted will establish quickly. Make sure that you use the right variety for your structure. Some varieties are much faster growing than others, and it is important to use the right willow variety for your structure. Although willow used to be difficult to get hold of, a quick search on the internet will reveal a large range of suppliers.

Living willow may take years to develop, you could used our pre fabricated willow products for instant make over of your garden with these English style willow garden products.



  1. Make a hole. This will need to the same width as the willow stems you are using.
    Make a hole

  2.  Fill the hole with water and top up with compost.
    Fill the hole

  3. Start with the uprights of the structure. Push the willow into the hole by firmly holding the base of the stem.
    Push the willow in

  4. Do the same with the diagonals, and then tie them into place. These will act as braces for the structure.
    Tie the willow

  5. You can then continue to weave in extra willow to create whatever shape your imagination can conjure up.
    Weave the willow

  6. As it grows during the season, weave in the new growth. Trim back the willow in early spring to keep the plants in shape.



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