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3' height Yatsume-gaki pedestrian fence

This lattice, or 'four-eyed', fencing is one of most popular lattice fence in the Japanese garden, it is easy to build, you can do it in half a day with simple tool.

If you do not have the time you can get them pre fabricated form us in our Japanese Bamboo Fence product line.


What you'll need


fence posts (about 1m long)


2.5cm to 4cm (1in to 1.5in) thick bamboo canes; the vertical lengths should be around 1m (3.3ft) long and the horizontal lengths around 1.8m (6ft) long


fine-toothed saw


5cm (2in) screws






black string


lump hammer



Step by step

Securing the fence posts

1 Position the main fence posts about 1.8m (6ft) apart. They'll be used to support the bamboo canes. For a fence that's to be about 1m (3.3ft) high, dig a hole around 40cm (1.3ft) deep and secure the posts by backfilling with soil to make them secure.

Cutting the bamboo

2 Cut the edges of the horizontal lengths of bamboo diagonally so they sit flush against the fence posts.

Drilling the hole

3 Drill a hole in the horizontal lengths of bamboo to prevent the cane from splitting.

Screwing the bamboo in place

4 Position the horizontal lengths in twos and screw to the supporting fence posts.

Soaking the string

5 To ensure the rope won't shrink once tied to the fence, soak it in water for a couple of hours before you use it.

Using string to line up the posts

6 Tie a piece of string from the top of one supporting fence post to another. This will help you make sure the tops of the vertical bamboo canes are level.

A knot in the bamboo

7 Cut the vertical lengths of bamboo to size, making sure there's a knot within the cane at the top of each piece. This will seal the bamboo cane and stop it filling with rain water.

Positioning the vertical lengths

8 In twos, space the vertical canes evenly along the fence.

Tying the string in a cross

9 Use the black string to tie the vertical canes to the horizontal ones. Cross the string over at the front of the fence.

Finishing off the knot

10 Tie at the back.

A more robust fence

Ken nin ji yaki privacy fence - this kind of fencing is used for boundaries around Japanese gardens. It's much more robust than four-eyed fencing. This style is based on the fencing used at Ken Nin Temple.



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