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Black and regular bamboo ceiling moldings and half round moldings on the ceiling.

Bamboo trim molding and caps are great for trimming walls, floors, ceilings, and fences, for all kinds of bamboo projects, softening the harsh corners and angles of certain areas in your home or garden. Use them also with our bamboo fencing, wall cover, planks and poles.

Bamboo caps BFC-06 and BFC-07 are designed to snap on  the edges of our flexible fences to give it a finished look.  The BSC half round bamboo moldings are usually used as a decorative stringer on the mid-section and top of the bamboo fencing, and occasionally on the  indoor bamboo wall cover. It is also great for covering the joints between the bamboo ceiling panels. The bamboo ceiling moldings are applied where the wall meets the ceiling, masking irregularities in the room’s lines.

Our bamboo base molding is used to cover the gaps between the floor and our bamboo wall cover.  The bamboo wall trim gives a finished look to our bamboo wall covers. We offer them in regular bamboo and black bamboo.

Bamboo caps BFC at top and half round moldings BSC on mid-sections gives it a finished look..

BBM-15 on the floor & wall trim BWM-01 on the top.                                         BSC-03B Half round black bamboo

   BSC-03Half round bamboo                                                                                                    BSC-03Half round black bamboo

Regular and black bamboo molding and trim.

Key Features     

  • Different sizes and styles for various applications.

  • Use as a molding and capping for bamboo projects indoor and outdoor.

  • Use on ceiling, wall, floor and fencing.

  • Comes in regular and black bamboo.

Pricing & Purchase







Half Round Bamboo Molding, 1.5"-2" diameter

$10.83 + shipping

    1.5"-2"D x 8'L



Natural Bamboo Cap for fence top, 1.5"-2" diameter, 3/4" opening

$15.63 + shipping

    1.5"-2"D x 8'L



Half Round Bamboo, 2.5"-3" diameter

$13.33 + shipping

    2"-2.5"D x 8'L



Natural Bamboo Cap for fence top, 2"-2.5" diameter,  1 1/2" opening

$22.63 + shipping

    2"-2.5"D x 8'L



Half Round Black Bamboo , 2.5"-3" diameter

$16.63 + shipping

   3"-2.5"D x 8'L



Black Bamboo Base Molding, 1.5" wide

$9.63 + shipping

    1.5"D x 8'L



Bamboo Base Molding, 1.5" wide

$9.23 + shipping

    1.5"W x 8'L



Bamboo Wall Trim, 1" wide

8.83 + shipping

    1"Wx 8'L



Black Bamboo Wall Trim, 1" wide

8.83 + shipping

    1"Wx 8'L





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